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Academic Services 

We understand your need when you prepare to apply to university or institution. Our consultants and professors will give you professional advice to choose the one which is suitable for you. At any stages of application, we will deal with everything for you. 

Personal Advisory Check Services

You will get the checklist of application’s situation every stage. We will send the personal advisory report to you regularly. You can feel we are trustful and helpful. 

Accommodation Allocation and Travel Services

As for your accommodation and travel plan, we will allocate the accommodation for you, book your airplane ticket and give you all the information for travelling around the country which you are going to study and travel.

24 Hours Assistance and Free SIM Card Services

We will offer you a telephone number which you can call anytime when you need help in a foreign country. When you are our member, you will get free mobile SIM card which can be used in the country you are going to study and travel.

Cultural Immersion and Social Activities Services

We recognize the significance of combining your learning with cultural experiences, as the social activities to reinforce your study positively and make your life more colourful. During the period that you travel and study in a foreign country, we can provide you the opportunities to have great social life and make good friends worldwide. 

On-line Language Learning and personal tutor Service

We understand your special and personal language learning needs. In this sense, we provide you with professional, flexible, and unique on-line language learning.

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